Makro Consultancy has recognized a simple ecological fact that, for the firm to survive and have a chance of growing, our rate of learning has to be greater than the rate of change in the environment in which it operates. The firm has therefore created a conducive environment for organizational learning.

We are continuously seeking knowledge and skills and constantly adapting to newly available technologies. We also realize that in order for our buildings to meet community’s needs and reflect its values, we have to understand and respond to changes in social, technological and economic backgrounds of our communities and the prevailing environment.

We therefore have in our studio an active information and communications systems library concerned with the following:

We have completely computerized our operations, and keep upgrading to the latest software in computer aided design and drafting (CADD).

We have also developed an Office Manual that serves as a practical means of communication to enable our staff to be fully informed and conversant with all aspects of the way in which the Office is administered, managed and controlled.